Enter the Metacrafters world, where our mission is to educate & uplift the creators and builders of the Metaverse.

Today, less than 1% of active software developers know how to code on the blockchain. Their value is massive - this small but mighty group has created $112 million of value each.

Are you a developer ready to make the jump from web 2 to web3? Be among the first coders to secure a coveted spot on our immersive learning platform, where crafters earn NFTs and credit for completed courses. The more courses you complete, the more power you harness in the Metacrafters Metaverse.


🪄  What can I expect?

📚  Take free introductory courses

👨‍🏫  Learn from experienced mentors & TAs

💻  Master valuable Web3 coding skills

🤔 What will I need?

  Computer with microphone & camera

  Experience with web2 development

  Conversational English proficiency

  A curious & collaborative attitude